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Dieser zweistündige Film ist eine wunderbare Ergänzung zu Drunvalos Buch: "Schlange des Lichts" (DVD ist in englisch)

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Back in the summer of 2004, Drunvalo made a pilgrimage to Peru. This trip may very well have been more important than all of the others because it was on that journey that the power on the planet was formally tranferred from the male to the female. That work had already been done at the energetic level back in the late 80's — this time, the transfer of power took place at the physical level through unique ceremonies on the Island of the Moon and Island of the Sun in Lake Tititcaca.

'Call of the Condor' is a unique documentary of the ones who gathered from all over the world to join with the Mayan Grandmothers in this transfer of power. 61 men and women, known to the Mayans as 'the ones that their ancestors prayed to, the ones who would come and take responsibility — changing the dream we are living so that life on this planet can continue' came, with open hearts, and the understanding that the work they were doing would assist the Earth at an incredible and critical point in her process. Simple and pure, the profundity of the ceremonies that were conducted on this journey is evidenced by the fact that they are performed only once, every 13,000 years.

MACHU PICCHU; The first ceremony takes place at Machu Picchu. Here Drunvalo invokes the Spirits of the 4 directions, asking them for protection in the work the group is about to undertake. As the viewer, you can turn up the volume and be there, in your Heart with the group, recreating the visions that were planted there in your daily meditations.

OLLANTAYTAMBO; In the second ceremony at Ollantaytambo, 'Julia of the Flowers', a Peruvian Shamaness, invokes the spirit of the Great Mother and blesses every member of the group as one of the ancient ones who have returned to restore the Earth to peace and harmony.

THE ISLE OF THE MOON; The third ceremony takes place at the Isle of the Moon. Here you get to see Abuela (Grandmother) Mamani preparing the traditional offering for the Spirit of the Lake (Lake Titicaca). Anyone who understands ceremony will be moved by the utter simplicity.

THE ISLE OF THE SUN; In the 4th ceremony, on the Island of the Sun, the men transfer their power and love to the female. Here too, you can close your eyes, go into your Heart, and experience that ceremony as it was performed in this unique place.

THE NASCA CEREMONY; The last segment takes place at Nasca. In a ceremony that was conducted on top of an underground pyramid, the oldest female member of the group leads the final ceremony, planting the power of the female into the Nasca Lines.

Footage of the Andean landscape frames each ceremony, filling the viewer with a sense of awe and reverence for the Great Mother. There is very little explanation or dialogue to take away from the simple beauty of these events. The viewer is inspired to take what they can from them — and what you experience will depend upon the extent to which you are able to re-experience things that came from the hearts of those who were there.