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Drunvalo discusses: His formal education and his spiritual background and studies.


There are a few DVDs that Drunvalo released in the 1990's that people are still requesting and have now become part of the new Classic Series. They are timeless as the information is just as important now as it was many years ago. We believe you will enjoy them.



Drunvalo only told this story a few times, but it was captured on film and now on DVD. It is the story of his memories as he came from an universe with no stars or planetes to live here on Earth. His memory of his past is fully in tack. Entering this universe in the constellation of Orion, then to the Pleiades, to Sirius, to Venus and finally to the Earth in 1840. Hearing this story may remind you of your similar venture as you came to Earth. This is a true story.

Drunvalo candidly talks about:

  • His journey from Source through the Great Void
  • The Melchizedek Order
  • Objectives for coming to Earth
  • Learning from the Mother Orca on the dolphin planet
  • Detailed account of his birth and life as Taos Indian twins
  • And on April 10, 1972 walking into his present body.

Drunvalo had three primary objectives to complete here on Earth:

  • Witness
  • Remind the Earth of the Merkaba
  • And to understand the relationship between male and female.

Running time: approx. 76 minutes.




An interview with Drunvalo that brings his inner thoughts on spiritualism and other subjects to the light.

Auroria Genie Joseph is wonderful in this personal interview with Drunvalo.

Drunvalo discusses: His formal education and his spiritual background and studies.

  • His Green and Violet Angels
  • The Flower of Life Image
  • Earth History Atlantis
  • External Mer-Ka-Ba field and Mer-Ka-Ba breath
  • Dimension Shifting
  • Importance of the Higher-Self connection
  • Communicating challenges between the sexes and why this is happening
  • Egyptian Mystery Shools, Right and Left Eyes of Horus
  • Thoth and Immortality
  • Sacred Geometry Crop Circles
  • Geometry and Sacred Sites and the Christ Consciousness Grid
  • Inner-Planetary Connection The Greys
  • The Pole Shift God's interaction. Unreliable prophecies Electromagnetic Null Zone The Mer-Ka-Ba vehicle Preparation
  • The Children Psychic children in China Gifted Children End of Reincarnation
  • Purpose Drunvalo's three objectives on Earth
  • And More

Running time: approx. 103 minutes.




A tale of Crop Circles in England. Drunvalo traveled to England and walked within and studied the Crop Circles, living in England for over a month. The result is this DVD explaining what he found to be true. Remarkable information!

  • Discover how the Druid religion influenced the Christian religion.
  • How, why and who is making the crop circles
  • Why the crop circles are in the crops
  • How do crop circles effect humans
  • Meditation with Merlin
  • Insights from the Druid religion
  • Jesus – Avebury connection
  • Ascension
  • First Christian church
  • Abby of Glastonbury
  • Celtic burial grounds
  • Lands' End Ley line
  • Dragon Lines and sacred sites
  • Temple of Abydos, Egypt
  • Worldwide images of the Flower of Life

Running time: approx. 118 minutes.




How to connect to your Higher Self. This is one of the keys to reaching higher concsiousness. Without this special connection within a person to their Higer Self it is almost impossible to ascend into the greater worlds.

Excerpt from the Flower of Life workshop filmed in Fairfield, Iowa. A wonderful companion to Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. II.

If you are studying the Merkaba Meditaiton as taught in the Flower of Life Workships this DVD is a valuable tool to discovering the how and why.

Discover answers to such questions as:

  • How do I know if I am connected to my Higher Self?
  • What will happen when I am connected?
  • What is the 18th breath?
  • Discussions: Merkaba meditation
  • Importance of connectiing to the Higher Self
  • How to connect to the Higher Self?
  • Different techniques.

Running time: approx. 49 minutes.




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